Who Gets What in a Divorce?

Who Gets What in a Divorce?

How do couples divide property when going through a divorce? More contentiously, how do they divide debt?

We spoke to divorce attorney Kelli Hooper to learn more about how property is divided during a divorce. If you’re considering a divorce, she recommends making a list of all your assets, along with all of your debts, to help make the process smoother.

Kelli Hooper is a divorce attorney based in Fayetteville who helps clients in the Metro Atlanta area.

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Topics covered in this video:

0:24 – Can one spouse end up with more than 50% of property in a divorce?

1:18 – How is a house divided in a divorce if there’s only one name on the deed?

1:52 – What is the difference between marital assets and non-marital asset?

2:32 – How is property converted into a marital asset?

3:30 – Is there a gray area between non-marital and marital?

4:37 – How does a prenuptial agreement affect marital assets?

5:33 – Are couples more likely to argue over assets or debts?

6:05 – What would you suggest to people considering divorce?

7:09 – How can creating a list of all your assets and debts help with the divorce process?