What Happens to Child Support When One Parent Moves Out of State?

What Happens to Child Support When One Parent Moves Out of State?

Most divorce and child support orders are drawn up assuming that both parents will remain in the same jurisdiction. But what happens when one of them moves to a different state, or even a different country?

We spoke to Kelli Byers Hooper, a family law attorney in the Atlanta metro area. She says that in many cases, whether or not the move impacts child support depends on each family’s scenario.

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0:34 – What are some of the common issues when one person moves to a different state after a divorce?
2:20 – How does enforcement change when one parent moves to a new state?
3:19 – Which state laws take precedence if there is a conflict regarding child support?
4:05 – If a spouse moves to another state, do they need to get a lawyer in that state?
5:59 – What if a spouse moves out of the country? Does that complicate things?
7:08 – How does it work if someone is bringing an order from another country to the US?
7:43 – What should people know if one spouse is considering moving to a new jurisdiction?
8:40 – What happens if you leave Georgia with a Georgia order?

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