My Ex Refuses to Pay Child Support. What Are My Options?

My Ex Refuses to Pay Child Support. What Are My Options?

If your ex-wife or ex-husband won’t pay child support, is there anything you can do to make them? What if they move out of the state? Does filing for bankruptcy have any effect on child support payments? When do you need to get an attorney involved?

Kelli Byers Hooper is a family law attorney with KBH Law, Inc. in the Atlanta metro area. In this video, she explains all of the options available to parents who are not receiving their share of child support.

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0:22 – Is refusing to pay child support common?
1:00 – What options do you have if your ex refuses to pay child support?
2:46 – What if they say they can’t afford to make the payments?
3:57 – What about bankruptcy? Can you discharge child support payments?
4:23 – What if the payor moves out of state?
5:36 – Are there any other ways to collect payment and get financial help if the ex refuses to pay?
6:53 – Is it important to hire a family attorney before filing a contempt?
7:29 – Can an attorney help resolve the issue without going to court?
8:08 – When should someone in this situation contact an attorney? How many missed payments is too many?

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